The wheel base is being assembled and will soon be operational. The motors that drive the robots are brushless motors manufactured by the Swiss company Maxon Motor. They support our team through the Young Engineer Program (YEP): 

Most of the mechanical parts are 3D printed using a high-quality Leapfrog Creator HS printer, which makes manufacturing more responsive and flexible: any part can be made within the day.

The electronics board designed by the team integrates three Maxon ESCON 24/2 controllers. The guidelines issued by Maxon Motor have been useful to ensure that the board provides the motors with safe and reliable electrical power.

The onboard computer is a Raspberry Pi 3 and the robot is programmed using the open-source framework ROS (Robotic OS). The source code as well as the CAD and the PCB files of the robot will be released under Open Source licence after the Eurobot Contest. The software is under development and the team is confident in having their autonomous robot ready for May 2017.