The French Eurobot Robotics Contest is a challenge aimed towards education, science, technology and consisting in a valuable human experience. Organised by the French association “Planètes Sciences”, Eurobot gathers students and young professionals. More than 175 teams participated in the 2016 edition, and 150 of them passed the homologation round. The majority of the 1500 contestants are students in engineering school or university cursus in computer science, automotive or robotics. There are also many enthusiasts and former competitors who come back for this contest every year.


The competitors must develop and build two autonomous robots compliant with the rules of the competition. The competition has a qualificative phase of 5 rounds, followed by a final phase with direct elimination for the 16 best teams. The two best French team whose members are under 30 years old and one team that is awarded a special prize are selected to take part in the International Eurobot Open contest to compete again with the best teams of more than ten countries.